At Camping Lane, we aim to be the best all-round guide for experienced and new outdoor enthusiasts alike. A pit stop for you to get all the info and buying guides you might need before planning and embarking on a camping trip. We look into the latest and best camping gear to provide impartial and honest reviews on outdoors related products like tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, stoves, chairs, fans, knives and other essentials. So that you, as a consumer, can make informed decisions on the best gear that meets your needs.

Understandably, picking out your own outdoors gear can be a confusing experience with so many different options available in the market. Researching the best gear can cost you lots of valuable time that should be better spent elsewhere. This is where we come in and do our best to to do the painstaking research to find the best gear that money can buy.

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We don’t simply stop or limit our scope to only outdoors gear. So what do we look at in detail here?

Guides – Well-researched informational how-to’s, tips, tricks and hacks about camping, hiking and most things related to outdoors.

Reviews – Comprehensive and thorough Product reviews and buying recommendations on equipment like tents, hammocks, boots and other outdoors gear.


Guides on camping and its many different types (Trust me, there’s many!) including buying your first tent, useful tips and recipes and so much more.


While backpacking through the countryside, we can show you the best places to stay, gear to pack and carry. If you are an enthusiast of ultralight backpacking, there will be a new section here soon specially for low weight travel.


Hiking guides with a comprehensive checklist, the best hiking boots, what clothes to wear during your hike and other essentials to carry along with on your next trip outdoors.


We cover hammock hanging too! We cover a wide range of topics including how and where to hang your hammock, what to bring and how to set it up safely.

Few things to keep in mind before your outdoors journey


  • Pack enough food for the trip. You can become hungry very fast with the all the physical activity like walking, carrying your pack etc. It never hurts to pack some extra food!
  • Double check your have packed all the gear and other essentials you need before the trip.
  • Pack a First Aid kit
  • Take some protection from local wildlife like bear-spray and bugspray just in case.
  • Dress for the Weather.