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Choosing a tent for your travels can be a daunting experience. We have spent countless hours research and narrowing down this long list of 8 person tents. Whether you are a first time camper or a seasoned outdoor veteran, this guide will assist you in finding the best tent suited to your needs. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to read through this long guide, you can check out our 3 best picks below:

Best overall tent – Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent – View on Amazon

Best lightweight tent – TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent – View on Amazon

Best ventilated 8 person tent – Coleman 8-Person instant Tent – View on Amazon

Now that is out of the way, let’s get into the details, shall we?


Camping is an exciting activity to do, especially with friends and family, the most important people in our lives. While solo camping is very fulfilling, family camping offers a different experience entirely. It gives you the chance to bond with family and nature while forming long-lasting memories with the people closest to you.

Before buying a tent, it’s important to know the amount of people coming in this camping trip. 8 person tents are usually selected and well suited for big family or friends outdoors trips. For a large group of people, let’s say eight, to fit reasonably well into the tent, it needs to be tall enough when pitched and wide enough to accommodate people plus their personal belongings.

It should also be large enough to accommodate the camping gear you would be bringing for the trip. Furthermore, the ten should be able to give enough cover to protect occupants from outdoor elements like wind, sun light and rain.

Most tents here are advertised as “8 person tents”, however, crowding is still a possibility. If you want more space you may have more luck trying 10 or 12 person tents. 14 best 8 person camping tents will be analyzed in this list to pick out the best overall 8 person tent!



Things to consider before buying the right 8 person tent

Weight and size

Some tents are on the heavy side, weighing up to 80 pounds and more. These tents are not ideal if you are planning light weight travel. Heavy weight tents would work well for large family camping trips and transported safely in the back of your car.

Make sure you double check package dimensions before buying to check if the packed tent fits comfortably in the trunk of your car. Also, some tents with low ceiling (6’3” ft and below) may not work well for tall persons. Luckily, I have included some tall tents in this guide like the Big horn camping tent which has a ceiling height of 7 feet 3.6 inches!

For light weight travel and hiking, 8 person tents in the 19-30 lbs range would work much better.


We want our tents to last as long as it can, year after year of camping. With constant sun, wind and rain damage, tents do get worn down over time. It’s common for tents poles or stake to break, and it’s always a good idea to buy and bring backups just in case.

How long a tent lasts would depend on the frequency of your camping trips. Do you go camping every quarter or is it once a year? A well maintained tent can last you several years. Some tents are so durable and sturdy enough to last a lifetime, however they are an uncommon occurrence..


Price is a major factor when buying a tent, perhaps even the most important. You should aim to get your money’s worth by buying the cheapest tent that offers the most durability, comfort and space.

Cheap tents are cheap for a reason. Their weather protection could be subpar. You don’t want rain water getting in your tent in the middle of the night due to poor weather proof systems.

Mosquitoes could get in at night due to poorly constructed mesh windows (Trust me, it’s horrible!). Premium 8 person tents are very expensive but usually counterbalances this with added comfort and space.


Much less important than price and comfort, the looks of a tent is still plays a critical factor that influences buyers. Let’s be real here, nobody really wants to own an ugly tent. When you are out camping, the tent becomes your new home albiet only for the duration of your stay. And it’s only natural to want to live in a tent that looks and feels good.

Some tents are well designed like the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent which lives up to it’s name when it comes to looks.

Tent style is another thing to consider. For example, cabin tents are generally more spacious and long lasting but tends to be expensive. Dome tents on the other hand are usually cheaper and a good fit for light weight travel. However, they tend to offer less comfort and space.

Weather protection

Some tents like the Tomount 8 person tent and Kodiak Canvas Tents 6044 10×14 ft. 8-person Tent offers sun protection with it’s UV light resistant fabric. It’s especially useful if your next camping trip is in a hot climate area and the tent can help a little in limiting the human body’s exposure to harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure under ultraviolet rays can severely damage a tent by causing it to become frail and can cause tears in the tent fabric.

Weatherproof systems like the Coleman’s Weathertec system and Kodiak’s Hydrashield fabric are only few of the many weather resistance employed by brands in this guide. All brands in this list have weather resistant protocols built into their tents.


Another important thing to look for buying a tent is the length of it’s warranty, if any. Some of the tents in this review here have included warranty, limited or otherwise. Others have the usually seen 1 year warranty. However the number 1 spot when it comes to warranty goes to Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent with a lifetime warranty. How cool is that?!


1) Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent


Product specifications

Size: 16 x7 feet

Ceiling height: 6 feet 2 inches

Package weight: 22.3 pounds

Doors: 1


Style: Modified dome

Colors: black, green and blue

Pros & Cons


  • Very spacious and can fit 3 queen sized beds
  • Setup is fast and takes 15 minutes
  • Included carry bag for easy transportation
  • Extended door awnings
  • Polyester made
  • E-Port
  • One year warranty


  • Only has one door
  • Low ceiling height



This modified dome tent is very quick to setup, taking only around 15- 20 minutes before it is ready to be occupied. With enough room for 3 queen sized air mattresses, there is enough space to house a large family reasonably well. Weighing 23 pounds, the coleman tent would be easy to transport around in the included carry bag and works well as a light weight 8 person tent.

The tent would come useful on family camping trips with it’s size of 16ft x 7ft, however, there are other tents like the coleman tent 8 person instant tent, that offers larger size for money. The tent has built-in weathertec system from Coleman with it’s angled windows, welded floors and inverted seams which aims to prevent water from getting inside the tent. The one door aspect of the tent is a major flaw in its design. Having an additional exit at the back would have given occupants more maneuverability and peace of mind. In the event of an emergency, the double doors would have provide easy exit compared to a single exit, which might get crowded.

The mesh provide limited rain and wind resistance and other owners of the tents have mentioned the poor weather protection as a downside. E-port lets you connect to external power sources, so that you can charge your electronic devices inside. This tent has extended door awnings which is a great way to keep shoes and other camping gear under shelter and away from rain. E- Despite it’s shortcomings, this is still a very spacious tent to own and take out on your next camping trip.

2) TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent




Size: 17 by 10 feet

Ceiling height: 6 feet

Package weight: 10.69 pounds

Doors: 1

Windows: 5


Colors – blue, green and red


Quick and easy set up

Excellent air circulation

2 way zips

Professional water and wind proof


Extremely light weight tent

Ultraviolet protection

Bugs/insect protection with mesh

Small storage pockets for storage

Electrical port

Spacious tent

1 year refund or replacement warrant included


Low ceiling height

Poles may snap sometimes

Customers have experienced wrongly coded tent poles


The TOMOUNT 8 person tent has excellent air circulation and plenty of sunlight with a mesh tent top, mesh door and 5 mesh windows. Spacious interior enough for 8 sleeping bags or 3 queen sized air matresses. The pitching should take about 10 minutes. The tent is color coded to make setup easier, however a lot of buyers have experienced their frustration with pitching this tent due to wrongly color coded poles that is definitely something to watch out for. Similarly like pitching, It also takes little time to bring the tent down.

This is an extremely lightweight tent, perfect for hiking, fishing or backpacking trips weighing at only 10.69 lbs. This is the most light weight tent we have reviewed in this list and can fit comfortably in the back of your car. The only tent in this list that provides adequate sunlight protection and heat resistance with it’s double layer tent fabric.

Now let’s talk about the warranty. TOTOMOUNT offers a 1 year full replacement or refund. This puts them in my good books just for that, and it is quite unlike other tents where it’s usually a limited warranty.

Major downside of this tent is it’s low ceiling height of only 6 feet, so not ideal for tall persons. The poles are not very sturdy and are prone to breaking sometimes, so that is another thing to keep in mind.

If you have owned a tent before and have had the zips get stuck, you can imagine how frustrating it can get. TOTOMOUNT claims you won’t face that problem with their 2 way zips on the doorway. Take this with a grain of salt as their zippers as susceptible to getting stuck. An electrical access port to connect your device to an external power source also comes with the tent to keep your lamps and devices charged.

As for water resistance, this tent has a waterproof index of 4000mm and provides decent protection from rain and keeps the inside dry. The poles and tent is engineered to be responsive and stable in windy weather. overall a great tent to own due to it’s light weight, ease of setup and generous interior space.

3. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

Product Specifications

Size: 17 by 10 feet

Ceiling height: 6 feet

Package weight: 21.5 pounds

Doors: 1

Windows: 2

Style: Dome

Colors: black, red, blue


Wind-resistant frame

Divide into 3 different rooms

Color coded poles and hubs

Seperate bags for tent, poles and stakes


Only has 6 foot center height

Cannot close side mesh windows

Poles have a likelihood of snapping

Another one of Coleman’s light weight tent, this comes with built-in Weathertec protection, which includes rain resistant needle holes and a wind resistance frame . The tent is well suited for car camping. It’s dome shape, light weight and small stature makes it easy for transportation in the back of your SUV, car or minivan.

The tent has mesh windows that cannot be fully sealed, and this can make nights a terrible experience, especially in chilly temperatures. Some parts (awning poles etc) are susceptible to breakage/snapping. So it may be better to buy additional poles and stakes just as a backup.

The color coded hubs and poles make pitching this a simple process, however it can still be a bit time consuming especially for beginners. A major downside of this tent is the ceiling height of 6 feet, which is quite low compared to other 8 person tents in this list.

One thing I really liked about this tent is how coleman offers separate bags for tents, poles and stakes. This makes packing and unpacking so much easier! The tent can be divided into three rooms. Yes, you heard that correctly. Three rooms! The included divider makes this easy to do and this can come very handy when you need some privacy. View on Amazon

4) Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Product specifications

Size: 16 x 11 feet

ceiling height: 6 feet 6 inches

package weight: 26.8 pounds

doors: 2

windows: 6

Style: Dome

Color: blue, green and grey/taupe

Space/area – 98 square feet in interior space + 60 square feet in screen room.


6’6” of head room

camping porch

convenience/accessory pockets for storage

excellent air circulation

10 Year warranty

Room divider for privacy


could get chilly due to all the vents and meshes especially at night

only fits 2 queen airbeds

Wenzel is an old name in outdoor products, dating all the way back to 1887. They are a brand known for producing quality tents. As a mid weight tent, the Wenzel 8 person tent has a generous center height of 6 feet 6 inches. You can let the breeze in if you wish and ventilation can be controlled with the multiple windows, doors and mesh vents. A number of convenience pockets are attached inside the tent. These make a perfect space to store small camping gear or personal items.

The removable rainfly provides extra rain protection on top of the already water resistant fabric. But, even though the window zippers have no rain protection and water still has a possibility of getting inside. The tent can be divided into two rooms with the divider. A main room and a screen room, which finds as a “camping porch”. However, this space would not be ideal to sleep in heavy weather, as the screen does not provide adequate rain or wind protection, but it would be a great place to soak up the sun during daytime while the screen provides adequate bug protection.

One extremely likeable aspect of this tent is its warranty. Wenzel offers a 10 YEAR warranty which is remarkable and rare in the outdoor products niche. I believe their attitude of putting customer first is commendable.

5) Coleman Dome Tent with screen room! Evanston camping tent with screened-in Porch

Product specifications

size: 15×12 feet

center height – 6 feet

package weight: 26.8 lbs (12.156 kg)

doors – 1

windows –

Style: Dome


Extended awnings for rain protection

Screen room by design provide a bug-free space to relax with fellow campers. Would come handy when camping in bug infested areas or campsites.

Weathertec system with welded floors and inverted seams to function as rainproof and keep interior dry.


6 foor head height which is standard height found in most tent models, nothing to write home about.

Only available in green color

rain protection is not extended to the screened porch.

Not suitable for all seasons. This tent is good for summer.

Large enough to fit 2 queen sized air mattresses, Tent takes about 15 minutes to setup and takes just as much time to be torn down. The extended awnings of the Coleman dome tent allows you to keep the windows open during heavy rain and not have to worry about rain water getting in. The screen room by design provides a bug/pest free area to relax in the comforts of your tent. At this time, Coleman does not offer any weather protection for the screened area,

Coleman’s usual Weathertec system is found here with welded floors to keep the floors dry and having inverted seams which provides extra rain resistance. However, the tent is not suited to all seasons but would be good for camping in the summer.

6) Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Overlanding Tent

Product specifications

height – 78”

package weight: 47 pounds

doors – 2

windows – 5

Style: pop-up


Extremely fast setup in 90 seconds.

Screen room made for leisure

5 mesh windows – useful for ventilation, produces bug protection and privacy when sealed.

water, wind and sun protection through built-in features.

includes pockets and storage areas for storing personal items and gear

Durable YKK zippers

Good height gives plenty of head space


Packing up the tent into the carry bag can be a bit tedious

Moderately heavy tent, carrying it can be tiring.

Tent is long and large, even when packed up

Only available in one color – orange

As an overlanding, this is an excellent buy for rooftop camping adventurers. Rooftop tents are innovative concept that blends camping with rooftops of modern vehicles. Usually on top of an SUV, jeep or car. The tent is custumizable with its removable floors, and screen room which is designed for leisure. This room can be used as a sleeping area as well.

Tent provides adequate UV light protection by being made up of material with a coating of UV50 plus rating. This is another tent where you can control the air flow with its 5 mesh windows and 2 doors.

As a popup hub tent, this can be setup easily in under 90 seconds. With a ceiling height of 6’6” and the vertical design of a hub, this is a very spacious by design. Considering duability, the tent is designed with all-metal hubs and fibreglass poles to withstand strong winds. You need your tent to be sturdy when rooftop camping and the durable YKK zippers does not easily get stuck or broken, which is a common problem found among modern camping tents.

7) Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

Product specifications

ceiling height – 6’6”

package weight: 84.65 pounds

doors – 2

windows – 4




Quick setup


All season

no-see-um mesh for privacy.

Durable YKK zippers

Good ventilation

Excellent weather resistance

Ceiling height of 6’6”

Limited lifetime warranty



very pricey


only available in one color

The name “deluxe” rings very true for this tent. It is pricey but that is to be expected from a high-end all season tent. Please note that this is a very heavy tent at 84.65 pounds and not ideal for light travel. But this would be perfect for your backyard or if you have a large vehicle to transport it to your camping destination. This tent does not need more than one person to set it up either. A single person can set this up very fast in under a minute saving us the hassle that would have occurred from a conventional pitch.

Two tunnel flow vents, two doors and four large windows provide good ventilation throughout the tent. The awning adds a distinct look to the tent and provides an awesome shaded area to relax and enjoy the day.

Another thing to keep in mind is how this tent can be set up quickly by one person in under a few minutes. Furthermore, this tent also comes with the KK zippers which are durable and less prone to breakage.

Let’s talk weather protection. The fabric is designed with Hydra-shield, which is made from cotton duck canvas that is long-lasting, sturdy and water resistant. The tent insides wont’t even feel wet during rain. The flex-bow frame’s spring steel rods coupled with thick 1 inch steel poles keeps the tent standing even during heavy winds.

The tent is available in one color and it would have been nice to have some variety when it comes to looks. The ceiling height is is roomy enough at 6’6” and offers plenty of head space.

One thing that is incredible about this tent is the lifetime warranty that comes along with. Just this aspect makes it totally worth the price in my opinion. If you want a luxurious, weather proof and comfortable camping experience, this is definitely the. With these factors in mind, we have picked the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent as the best 8 person tent.

8) Coleman 8-Person Tent | Instant Family Tent



View on Amazon

Product specifications

Size: 14 x 10 feet

ceiling height: 6 feet 7 inches

package weight: 42.2 pounds

doors: 2

windows: 7

Style: instant tent

Color: Black, blue and brown


1 year warranty

space for 2 queen airbeds

can be torn down in 1 minute as well.

weathertec protection

included rainfly

poly guard

This is a extremely quick setup in 1 minute

screened doors and windows provide pest protection

storage pockets for gear


Tent poles are not reliable

moisture does get in the tent during hard rain

included tent stakes are weak

Almost double the weight compared to other coleman 8 person tents – this is a mid weight 8 person tent. If you want more details, you can read our in-depth review here. With a very quick setup, the tent comes in three colors. This is an instant tent, which means due to the pre-attached poles, pitching would be easy and hassle-free. However, the tent poles are not always reliable and gets worn down over time and a common problem with this tent is the poles breaking.

The numerous doors and windows provide adequate airflow and since they are screened, this helps in keeping bugs outside.The tent stakes are not reliable either and might not hold in wet soil. You can circumvent this problem by purchasing extra stakes as a backup. Like other coleman tents, this one has their standard weathertec system that comes with their products. However, water does some times get through tent walls during heavy rains.

The polyguard double thick fabric offers some protection against cold and heat. Also, the fabric is durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear. Having 2 doors and 7 windows, this is an extremely ventilated 8 person tent and you can close and open windows and doors accordingly to manage temperature and airflow. With a head room of 6 feet 7 inches, there is plenty of room to move around as well. You can read our detailed Coleman 8 person instant tent review here.

9) Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Product specifications

ceiling height: 87” inches

package weight: 37 pounds

Doors: 2

windows: 6

Style: Free-standing cabin tent



Good ventilation

free standing design

Excellent weather protection

2 room design provide privacy

Extremely tall tent


only one color

not easy for a single person to set up the tent

Firt of all, this tent has an extremely high ceiling height of 7 feet 1 inches. 99% of people would be able to stand up straight inside. The cabin tent style with it’s straight walls ensures you won’t lack for space or comfort. This is a free standing design tent that provides High ventilation with it’s numerous doors, windows and a mesh roof. The two room design ensures occupants can have privacy and space allocation would be made easier with this if you are travelling in groups or pairs.

One major drawback of the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is how difficult it can be for a single person to set it up. However, it would very easy with two people. The tent is also only available in one color.

Ventilation inside the tent can be controlled with the large number (6) of windows. Another positive is it’s freestanding design, which means there will be no need for stake and ropes when it comes to pitching.

10) ALPHA CAMP 8 Person Dome Family Tent Camping Tent (Carrybag and rainfly included)

Product specifications

Area: 17’ x 10’

ceiling height: 6’

package weight:

doors: 1

windows: 2

product dimensions:

Style: Dome

Color: Orange and blue


1 year warranty – replacement or refund

solid ventilation with one door, top mesh panel and two windows.

High tech facilities – eport, lights

Mesh pockets for storage

Moderate weather protection features built in


center height of 6’ is quite low

only one door

Ceiling height is only 6 feet but that is to be expected from dome styled tents which tends to have low center height by nature of design. Few of modern amneties like an E-port and hanging lights are integrated into the tent and can be useful for recharging your electronic devices when needed. The tent has moderate weather protection features built in like a durable fly sheet which holds against heavy winds.

The only draw back is not having a door at the back, which would made getting in and out a lot easier. Also, there re plenty of mesh pockets sewn into the tent for convenience and safe storage away from rain or sun. The included rainfly is removable, and can give you spectacular views of the night sky.

11) Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Outdoor Tent (80)

Product specifications

size: 13 x 13 feet

ceiling height: 6’10”

package weight: 30.9 lbs

doors: 2

windows: 2

Style: Octagon



color coded

Excellent wind protection

Weathertec rain protection

rainfly included

Privacy dividers

Very high center height of 6’10”


slow setup – traditional pitching takes 15 minutes

only a two season tent

High center height of 6’10’ and 13 x13, this is a well designed tent with plenty of room for 8 people. A notable feature of the tent is it’s strong frame that has been able to withstand winds of 35+ MPH! Rain protection is normal with coleman’s weathertech system built in.

The extended door awning provides extra rain protection and keeps the water away from the entrance. Color coded poles make pitching an easy endeavour taking around 15 minutes. The tent comes with a doormmat included as well to give it a nice homely feeling.

12) Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person fast pitch cabin tent

ceiling height: 6 feet 8 inches

package weight: 32.5 pounds

doors: 2


Style: Lighted cabin tent with closet

Color: Multicolor


Hinger door

lighted interior

storage pockets

In-built closet

high center height

wheeled carry bag makes transporting easier.


Takes normal setup time even though its slightly faster than other coleman tents

not easy to setup by one person

The Coleman Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin tent is has a lot of built-in features that are admirable. Firstly, the lighted interior provide soft overhead illumination to enjoy with your family not much different than at home. LED light system offers a nice lighted interior making it easy to read, talk and do other activities at night time.

Secondly, the tent pitching is slightly faster than the majority of coleman tents, however it can get a bit tricky at times. It can be setup by one person but still would be easier with two people.

Lastly, the tent comes with a nice looking closet to store camping gear and personal items away from outdoor elements without taking up floor space. It even comes with hangar bar!

The tent’s vertical walls coupled with a generous ceiling height of 6’8” means plenty of space for the family to enjoy. I would say this is a tent designed for comfort thanks to its illumination system, built in closet and shelves for all the gear you could store safely inside.

13) NTK Colorado GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 12 Foot Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm, Easy Assembly, Durable

Product specifications

size: 10 x 12 feet

center height: 6.07 feet

package weight: 20.7 pounds

doors: 1


Style: Dome



3 season tent

No-see-um mesh for bug protection and extra privacy

Room divider

Innovative waterproof floors

Anti fungal floor protection

mesh top floor with the rainfly removed can provide some nice views of the stars at night


Only one door

lacks side windows – not very good for ventilation

advertised as 8 person, but more than 6 people in could lead to some overcrowding

The brand, NTK is an old name in camping products, established over 43 years ago. This is a 3 season tent, with a divider for seperating rooms. The tent has a nice and cozy interior with no-see-um mesh ensuring privacy inside. This mesh is bug-proof as well. You won’t have to worry about mosquitoes as long as the windows and doors are fully sealed.

One major drawback I could see was the tent not having any side windows. It would have been nice to have couple of side windows for some extra ventilation, especially in hot climates. However, there is a mesh roof that you can open for more air flow.

The tent is notable for it’s water proof tent which has polyethylene and an inner silver-coated layer to repel water ans make the tent insides stay dry.

As a dome styled tent with thick nano-flex fibreglass poles and double gold chrome plated ferrule hardware, this sturdy and shockingly light weight.

14) KODIAK CANVAS Screen House, 10×14-Feet


View on Amazon

Product specifications

size: 10 x 14 ft

ceiling height: 6’6”

package weight: 80 pounds

doors: 1

windows: 2

package dimensions: 45 x 15 x 15 inches

Style: Canvas tent




High ceiling height

Wind resistant frame

Durable zippers


Extremely heavy

Very expensive

A heavy-duty tent at 80 lbs. This is not a tent suited to light travel or backpacking trip.But this is well suited for backyard or traditional camping. Being very expensive, this is not a tent for you if you are on a tight budget. The Kodiak Canvas Tents 6044 8 person tent is very similar to the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8 Person Tent in regards to durable Hydra-Shield fabric, shade awning and even weights quite similarly.

The galvanized steel flex-bow frame provides the tent with a sturdy, Wind resistant frame. The Hydra-Shield fabric keeps the tent sturdy, breathable and watertight even in heavy weather. The tent has quality #10 coil zippers that are durable and will stand the test of time.

Overall, a high quality and well-built tent that can be your second home in all your camping journeys in the years to come.

Buying/Extra Tips

  • Put tarps under tents for extra protection from rain water and to prevent tents from tearing from gravel or other rough objects.
  • It’s always a good idea to check the weather of your camspite to see what season tent tent you will need to buy
  • Pitch the tent in your backyard or anywhere before taking it on a camping trip. It is always good to test a tent out to ensure that it is functional before a journey.

Final Thoughts

Best ventilated 8 person tent – Coleman 8-Person instant Tent

Best 8 person light weight tent – TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent

Best overall 8 person tent – Kodiak canvas flex-bow deluxe 8 person tent – Although pricey and heavy, the best 8 person tent in our list is Kodiak canvas flex-bow deluxe 8 person tent due to it’s life time warranty, sturdy design and excellent weather resistance.

I hope this guide helped you in providing all the info for choosing the best 8 person tent suited to your needs, so that your next family camping trip can go smoothly and without hitches. Good luck and Happy Camping!


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