Best Solar Camping Lights 2020

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Solar camping lights are the perfect way to get illumination at night for your camping trip while using a renewable source of energy. These provide great lighting for your tent interior and can be carried around like a torch or lantern to be used in cases of emergencies. As long as the sun is around, you don’t have to worry about buying more batteries either as the rechargeable batteries can last a long time!

One great thing about solar camping lights are they are extremely useful in many, if not all of the different types of camping.

Overall Best – MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern – View on Amazon

Runner up – SUAOKI led camping lantern lights –  View on Amazon

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

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Main Highlights:

  • Inflatable
  • weight of 4.4 ounces
  • one year warranty

This solar powered LED light can be charged fully by 7 hours of sunlight and can last up to 12 hours. It is very low weight, cheap and collapsible, making it very easy to transport in your camping pack.

The 10 white LEDs are customizable can be adjusted to three types of lighting settings:

  • Bright
  • Super bright
  • 1 second flashing

Out of the numerous camping lights we have looked at in this post, this is the overall best solar camping light offering the best value for money and functionality.

SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style 18 LED Camping Tent Lantern Lighting Lights


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Main Highlights:

  • Available in 2 colors: Orange and Green
  • Dual charging
  • 3 lighting modes

This easy-to-carry, collapsible lantern is dual charging, which means in the event that run out of sunlight to charge with, you can simply switch charging to the micro USB port that offers upto 3.5 hours of lighting. Three lighting modes are available: high, low and SOS blinking.

The in-built smart protection chip prevents the lantern from overcharging and over-circuits. Weighing at 5.92 ounces, this lightweight lantern would make an excellent addition to your next outdoors trip.

AGPTEK Solar Lantern, 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Main Highlights:

  • 5 Charging methods
  • Low energy consumption
  • USB charging port
  • Lightweight

A notable feature of the AGPTEK solar lantern is it’s ability to charge with 5 different (sun, crank dynamo, car adapter, USB and AAA batteries) methods. This incredibly versatile product ensures you won’t lack illumination when needed thanks to backup charging methods.

The built-in poly-silicon made solar panels offers lower power consumption coupled with more brightness in light compared to other camping lanterns in the market.

The brightness settings are customizable with two available modes:

  • Bright
  • Super Bright

Lastly, with the USB output you can charge your electronic devices when necessary. So, that is a nice added bonus from AGPTEK.

SUAOKI LED camping lantern lights

Main Highlights:

  • Dual charging
  • Can be collapsed into a size of 1.77 inch
  • Three lighting settings

Another great camping lantern from SUAOKI, this product is available in 2 colors (orange and green), The item can be folded down to a size of 1.77 inches, which is excellent for lightweight travel and conserving space in your camping pack. This comes in 3 lighting settings: High, low and SOS flashing. SOS flashing, which is commonly used in emergency situations.

Not only does it function as a camping lantern, it also comes in very useful as a power bank. With this, you can keep your electronic devices (smartphones etc) charged and functional to take pictures, communicate with friends or share moments on social media.

Mpowered LUCI EMRG inflatable solar light

Main Highlights:

  • 5 different modes of lighting settings
  • only weights 2.5 oz
  • waterproof

Another great solar camping light from MPOWERD, this product can is easily collapsible, water resistant and very durable. weighing only 2.5 oz this will be a great addition to ultra lightweight travel trips. Also ideal for use during storms and survival camping. This can be perfectly suited to function as an emergency light with it’s small size and weight. It can function up to 7 hours from an 8 hour charging phase.

Camping light solar rechargeable collapsible led camping lantern flashlight with compass – sunhiker

Main Highlights:

  • Compass included
  • 3 methods to charge

This collapsible lantern comes with a multi-functional, military grade compass that can be extremely useful when navigating new trails during hiking trips. There are two lighting modes available: Ultra bright and low consumption. With low consumption setting, you can expect up to 12 hours of continuous light.

You can charge the camping light with AA batteries (not included with the product), solar and rechargeable built-in pack. They offer different ways to illuminate your surroundings even in the case of emergencies. To conclude, this is a useful lightweight lantern that will be a wonderful addon in any night-time outdoors activity.

Ideapro solar lantern super bright 7 led bulbs sports light 3w 2v/100ma Outdoor Camping Lamp

Main Highlights:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Portable night light

This small-sized light is available in only one color (green). However, it is light weight, portable and easy to hang up. The charge does not last long which is a major downside. The set up is quick and the light is useful for tent interiors or for illumination while car camping.

Camping lantern solar rechargeable collapsible led camping light and Handheld flashlight in the bottom

Main Highlights:

  • 2 inone product
  • 2 lighting modes: Ultra bright & low consumption

A well designed Vanfly 2 in one solar camping light, the LED camping lantern is easily collapsible, long lasting and only weighs 280 grams. This item is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing and backpacking with a water resistant design. The included flashlight can be very useful in power outages, storms or any other emergency situations.

With 2 lighting modes, you can experience 360 degrees of lighting from 6 LED bulbs from the camping light, with Low Consumption mode offering up to 12 hours of continuous illumination!

Outlite 240 Lumen solar rechargeable LED camping lantern flashlight

Main Highlights:

  • 3 power options
  • 2 free hooks for hanging the lantern anywhere

8 Poweful LED bulbs in the camping light ensures you will get 360 degrees of lighting, with the low consumption setting offering upto twelve hours of continous illumination.

Outlite 240 Lumen solar rechargeable LED camping lantern flashlight is a durable, military grade piece of gear well suited for emergencies and other outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. The flashlight can be charged using the sun, DC charger and AAA batteries (not included with this product).


Solar camping lights can be extremely handy in fishing, backpackpacking and camping trips thanks to the lighting they provide in outdoor settings using a renewable source of energy like the Sun. They can fit really easily into your backpack and are generally good value for money due to their small size, low weight and low cost. Hopefully our guide has aided you in choosing a camping light/lantern best suited to your needs.

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