Best Time Of The Year To Go Camping! All Seasons Covered!

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Have you been wondering what is the best time of the year to go camping? Look no further than this article! I have provided a brief explanation of how seasons can affects the overall camping experience.

Generally, summer is the most popular and best time to go camping because of the sunny and pleasant weather. Autumn is the second best. Winter is the least popular due to the cold climate but you may find many of the good campsites free and cheaper during off-peak season.

Camping in Summer


People go camping in summer due to the sunny and rain-less climate during this period. A warm and pleasant weather will be perfect for outdoor, hiking and many other activities. However, the fine weather and high popularity of camping in summer leads to the best camping spots and camping sites getting crowded and filled up with people.

Sometimes the days may get really hot and it can become unbearable to stay inside the tent due to the heat. A camping fan will come in handy right about then. Another downside of camping in summer is booking camping spots and Rving sites can be expensive compared to less popular times of the year.

In popular locations, good camping and RVing sites are booked early by keen campers. They need to be reserved early if you want to visit them during summer before spots are taken up.

Camping in fall


The cooler weather of autumn means not as much as bugs like mosquitoes in summer season. Autumn has a nice amount of greenery and plants, and if you love observing and enjoying beautiful natural landscapes, autumn maybe a good time to camp for you. Fall is also a good time to camp if you are a fan of wildlife and bird watching outdoors. Weather can vary day by day from warm to cold and become a bit unpredictable. Packing water resistant gear and clothing can come in handy during fall camping. Cooler climates like autumn is considered to be great times for RV camping.

Camping in winter

People usually camp the least in winter. Why? For one, it’s obviously very cold and life can be tough outdoors even with a snug sleeping bag and warm campfireat night. Bugs like mosquitoes and flies will be rarer in winter compared to other seasons. If you like camping in beautiful views of snowy landscapes then camping during winter may appeal to you. But it can get really cold, life can be tough and harder to manage during winter camping. Paid camping sites, in general, will be the cheapest and least crowded during this time because people prefer to stay indoors.

Getting snowed in, blizzards and storms are few of the dangers to watch out for when camping in cold weather. Packing extra cold weather gear, sleeping bags, campfires etc can help a lot during this time. Winter and cold increases the appetite, so, don’t forget to pack some extra food and water.

It can get really cold at night and some of the dangers include Hypothermia and frostbite. Buy 4 season tents, special cold weather sleeping bags and clothing to protect you during winter camping. 4 season tent will be an excellent fit for winter camping as its designed to resist snowfall and harsh winter weather.

Camping in Spring


New leaves and flowers are blooming and that combined with fresh air and a beautiful green landscape makes spring camping an attractive camping season for many outdoor enthusiasts. It is a good season for hiking, camping and enjoying the outdoors but expect a lot of rainfall! Pack waterproof gear. clothing and a tent with rainfly for your adventures.

Spring has little bit of changing weather, cold one morning and dry the next day, so it is a good idea to pack both cold and warm clothing. The nights can become chilly and a cold weather sleeping bag will come in handy. The rain can wet and muddy your outdoors gear and boots, and having a tent with vestibule to store them without ruining the inside of your tent will be a useful addition to your camping pack.

Best time to camp for avoiding bugs

Summer is usually the time of the year filled with crawling spiders, bugs, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas the most. If you want to avoid them, think about camping during cooler seasons.

Final thoughts

The best time would be dependant on your preferences. I’d still say if you plan and prepare ahead, you can have a great camping experience during any season. What do you think is the best time? Please let us know in the comments!

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