Camping Gift Basket Ideas: 5 Fun And Creative Ideas For Everyone

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Are you here searching for camping gift basket ideas to come up with the best gift for your family, friends, partner or coworkers?

Read on to find out about our compilation of camping gift basket ideas that people will absolutely adore and love.

What are camping gift baskets?

A collection of camping-related items that will be very useful to the gift recepient when they embark on another camping adventure. Usually, the gift basket will contain camping gear, snacks and acessories or any useful item that will benefit a camping enthuasiast on their next adventure.

Why camping gift baskets?

Camping gift baskets lets you add your own personal touch to the gift by combining various small gifts into a large gift basket of your design. You can customize your gift basket by adding camping items best suited to the receiver’s tastes or needs.

For example, if the gift receiver is a newbie camper, they might really appreciate the basic supplies for a camping trip along with a book guide for new campers.

Like normal gift baskets, but camping themed. Non perishable food, supplies, camping books, coolers and other camping gear can be great addition to your ultimate gift.

As a bonus, gift baskets are very fun to create and a lot of thought goes into it. Customizing your own gift basket can give you a sense of accomplishment after creatively combining different little gifts into your own super-gift.

Finding a Basket to hold your gifts

As for the “basket” of a gift basket, you can either use a camping backpack, camping cooler, a large bowl, a large plastic container, a gift basket, a collapsible water bucket or basically something container-like and large enough to hold your other gifts as a package.

Below in this article, there are a total of 5 different and thoughtful gift ideas for you to choose from according to your tastes. You don’t need to have the exact items in the lists to have a great camping gift basket.

1) The Techie Camper

This high-tech gift basket will be perfect for your friends who you know love technology and camping, and for people who love taking the coolest camping gear on their outdoors adventures. Cool and useful camping gadgets like waterproof earphones, Since most of this list is gear-based, it can be very expensive to put together. Pick and choose items from the list below you think the recepient would love to own!

Waterproof earphones, CamelBak HOT CAP 12OZ Travel Mug, an automatic headlamp, smartwatch, satellite communicator, multi-tool, Power bank, a BioLite Campstove 2 and a GoPro camera are good additions to your Techie camping gift basket.

2) The Outdoors Feast Basket

A gift basket specially designed for food loving campers you know. A camping cooler to store food would be an excellent fit as the basket of this gift. It will be doubly useful as a container and will extend the life of your food items when stored properly.

This collection of gifts ideas below are all about food, most of them last for quite a while too! The items in the list require little to no cooking before you can dig in. Include any or all of them in and customize your own Outdoors Feast Basket!

  • Firestarter – To light up campfires
  • Bag of marshmallows – roast them in a campfire.
  • Cereal bars – You can either make them at home or simply buy them.
  • Energy bars
  • Chocolate – Who doesn’t love some?
  • Trail Mix – Healthy, nutritious and yummy!
  • Instant Noodles – Quick, tasty and easy to cook.
  • Crackers
  • The New Camp Cookbook
  • Jerky
  • Swiss cheddar cheese – They last for quite some time too.
  • Salt & Pepper shaker – To add in some extra flavour.
  • Powdered Milk
  • Dried fruits – Dried fruit like raisins are full of vitamins and fiber and they taste pretty good.
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Canned meat and fish

3) The Rookie Camper

This camping gift basket is meant for newbies very interested in camping and the outdoors.

The content in this basket will have accessories and necessities to aid them on their adventures. You can either use a backpack or collapsible cooler as your basket.

A camping knife, first aid kit, rain jacket, sunscreen, solar powered camping light, storm-proof matches, water bottle with built-in filter, zip lock bags and bug repellant are some of the basic items a starting camper will need on their first oudoor adventure. You can add in a camping tent and sleeping pad to the mix if the recepient doesn’t own either yet.

You can also include some cereal bars in the gift basket too since they taste quite good. Lastly, a camping guide book for beginners like Camping for Dummies by Michael Hodgson has all the info a camping newbie would ever need.

4) The Camping Veteran

Looking up gift basket ideas for expert campers? Experienced camping enthusiasts are likely to have most of the basic supplies and gears needed for camping. Quick-to-eat foods like Trail mix, chocolate bars, cereal bars, would be useful additions to theit gift basket.

Another thing experienced campers have to contend with is boredom. Once you have hiked and explored the outdoors many times over, it slowly loses its novelty. A pack of cards with a board game like Bananagrams would keep them engaged when/if things get a little dull.

A new hammock, portable camping grill, glowsticks and a camping bandana (they look pretty cool!) are other items that will do well in “The Camping Veteran”. Extra tent stakes won’t hurt either since stakes and poles have a tendency to breaking and its always good to have extra.

Lastly, you can include a copy of the book, Medicine for the Outdoors by Paul Auerbach in the gift basket. The book has basic info about medicial situations that may emerge and the best way to respond to them while outdoors.

5) The all rounder gift basket

The all rounder gift basket is just as the name suggests, it’s a collection of gifts put neatly inside a gift basket, that every one, regardless of their camping experience will like.

A portable camping cofee maker, (Fresh coffe in the outdoors?Yum!), headlamp, bug repellant, zip lock bags, glowsticks, multi-purpose knife, first aid kit, storm proof matches and a pair of socks are some of the stuff every type of camper will find useful.

You can add a coleman 4 person dome tent if the recipient does not own a tent yet or is looking for a newer upgrade. A pack of cards and small board games will be appreciated too for their entertainment value.


And that concludes this list of five camping gift basket ideas! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as enjoyed writing this post! These gift basket ideas can be great presents to give to your friends and family on any holiday, birthday or special event.

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