Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review 2020

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While camping is an incredible and relaxing activity that comes with a number of benefits, it does require some preparing and planning from us ahead of venturing out. Before embarking on a family trip, it is essential to select a tent tailored to your needs. I would even go far as to call a tent the most basic necessary gear for a camping trip. So, today, I will be reviewing the Coleman 8 person instant tent. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the whole review, you can read our 30 second summary below to get an overview before you buy.

Quick summary

Even though the tent is rather pricey compared to other 8 person camping tents, The interior is very roomy and offers a nice and comfortable place to relax with good ventilation. The company, Coleman is an industry leader in outdoors and recreational gear with many quality tested product lines, stretching back decades. If you are on the hunt for a quality 8 person tent for large family/friends camping trips that provides generous interior space, near-instant, no-hassle setup and decent weather protection, this is a great choice.

Product specifications

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Ceiling height: 6 feet 7 inches (200.5 cm)

Dimensions: 46.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches ( 118.87 x 24.89 x 24.89 cm)

Measurements: 14 x 10 feet (426.72 x 304.8 cm)

Weight: 42.2 pounds (19.15 kg)

Doors: 2

Windows: 7

Colors: Black, blue and brown

Type: Instant cabin tent


  • One year limited warranty
  • High ceiling height
  • Can be divided into two rooms for some privacy
  • Under 60 seconds to set up
  • Weathertec provides solid weather protection


  • poles are prone to breakage
  • Pricey
  • Heavy


Who is this tent suitable for?

As an instant tent, this will be a perfect buy for people who hate pitching a tent down manually. Same goes for tearing down too. Setting up and tearing this tent is quick and easy (done in under a minute), all thanks to the pre attached tent poles that comes with the tent.

Also the tent is well suited for large camping family trips up to a maximum of 8 people. It’s not ideal for couples or a handful of people. There are other cheaper options in the market for that. However, it is not unheard of for couples or small families to take this tent on outdoor trips given the extra space and comfort that comes from a large coleman’s 8 person tent. Please note, this is a rather heavy 8 man tent and carrying/transporting it along on backpacking/hiking trips can be a little difficult. If you would like to see alternatives available in the market, check out our best 8 person tent buying guide

How does it compare against other 8 person tents when it comes to price?

A very important factor to consider when choosing a family tent is its price. Considering the numerous benefits camping can bring you, it may be best to spend a little more to get the right tent suited to your style. 8 person tents, surprisingly have wide price ranges with some tents going upwards of $1100+. The price of Coleman 8 person instant family tent is slightly higher than average when compared to other 8 person tents, but certainly not the highest by any means.


One of the better tents from coleman, this tent is stylishly made and colorfully designed along with its cabin like look. It’s also very pleasing to look at, giving off an elegant vibe. People who dislike pitching tents along with all that hassle figuring out which poles goes where would love this tent. Time is saved too when packing and unpacking.

The poles are pre-attached and this makes setting up this tent a breeze. Like the set up, tearing down this tent quick too! The tent comes in 3 color designs: black, brown and blue.

Weight and size of the Coleman 8 person Instant tent

This tent is quite on the heavy side when it comes to weight. It weights 42.2 pounds. As for size, when torn down, it fits well into the included carry bag. Even when packed, it takes up some space.

A small sized 8 person tent with measurements of 14 x 10 feet when pitched, it compensates with it’s cabin design, which provides near-vertical walls, ergo more interior space. This equates to more room for people and camping gear which is always a welcome perk. There are other products in the market with lower weights that maybe more suitable if you are planning to travel light weight.

How weather-proof is it?

Coleman have developed a wide array of weather-proof designs and included them in their WeatherTec system. Let’s talk about their rainflys first. The integrated rainfly offers a form of extra weather protection along with inverted seams. The zippers cuffs are made of rain proof material, which should prevent water from entering through the doors when closed. The welding inspired water proof floor ensures rain won’t get in from underneath the tent and get the inside wet.

As for wind protection, the double thick polyguard fabric, redesigned poles and guy-out triangles do the job fairly well in holding the tent steady during heavy winds. This tent has been filmed holding strong even in 50 mph winds!


Before buying something I always love to read what other people are saying about the product. So I did a little digging online and looked over the comments of people who own this tent. And from what I can see, there have been cases of people owning this for years and still going strong. However, there are a noticeable number of people who were having difficulties due to defective poles. The main problem seems to be from tent poles and stakes snapping while out camping. Due to these issues, Coleman’s one year limited warranty for this product is always a big plus in my book.

The tent is made of rugged polyguard 2 x double thick fabric, which is a cool feature to have. It ensures long lasting reliability and durability, especially when it comes to long term wear and tear from time and weather.

The comfort you can expect

The tent is spacious enough to house two queen sized air mattresses inside. The included divider is a nice touch from coleman. It provides limited privacy while inside and makes dividing the tent into two sepetate rooms a simple process.

Seven windows and two doors offers excellent airflow circulation throughout the tent. You can to an extent manage temperature and airflow by opening or closing the various windows in the tent. The windows and doors are screened, which means those pesky bugs won’t be a problem no more. Those buzzing mosquitoes can stay outside too!

Multiple small mesh pouches and pockets can be found inside the tent. These are incredibly useful for storing small gear or personal stuff safely and sealed. Tent also comes with a carry bag which also has instructions sewn on it for quick reading and setup.

Having a low ceiling height inside a tent could be an absolute nightmare for tall persons. Luckily, this tent would be a blessing for tall persons up to the height of 6’5”. No more crouching or hunching over anymore and your backs will be grateful for that high center height.

Final thoughts

The coleman 8 person instant tent is a beautifully crafted gear and excels when it comes to living comfort and spaciousness. The limited warranty at 1 years ensures peace of mind in the event of any hitches while Coleman’s Weathertec system provides high quality rain resistance. Overall a solid and handy tent to own, the coleman 8 person instant tent can be a wonderful addition to your next outdoor family or friends trip.

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